Ting Yashu

Ting was born in Taiwan and came to the UK as a child with her family.

She has always been interested in health and wellbeing.  She studied Business Studies and Psychology at University and her final dissertation was titled ‘Stress at Work’.  She worked at St Bartholomew and UCL hospitals for a number of years.  She has also lived in various holistic and spiritual communities around the world.  On her travels she discovered Active Meditations which she says is an amazing practice and tool for managing one’s own health and wellbeing.

She continues with her active meditation practice.  She also enjoys going to the gym and practising yoga and pilates. 

Ting has extensive experience working at Sporting Events and in Offices, loosening up muscular tensions, eleviating stress and realigning the body.

Treatments offered – 

A relaxing oil based massage with the option of using bellabaci cupping to remove toxins.  

A deep tissue massage to work deeper into the muscles and fascia.  

Sports massage for people engaged in sporting activities, pre and post event.  Treatment is not only for sporting people and is open to anyone.    Treatments determine specific areas of tension and focus on them using a range of techniques.  

Onsite/Seated Acupressure Massage, working on the meridian lines and  acupressure points together with rhythmic pressure and targeted stretching.

Reflexology which works on specific acupressure and reflexology points on the feet and/or hands.  Good for moving the chi energy and mobilising the joints to keep the ligaments and tendons supple.  

She is a member of the Sports Therapy Association and an Emergency First Aider through Highfields awarding body.

To contact Ting Yashu, call 01483 418103 or email us.