Sarah Summers

I first came to homeopathy in my teens, looking for answers to chronic eczema, hayfever and menstrual problems. I was constantly taking time off every month, using painkillers and having steroid injections – which left me feeling constantly ill with a low immune system and still in pain. I turned to homeopathy and with treatment over a period of time these symptoms eased. I could not believe the results, not only was I improving physically but I was more balanced emotionally and mentally too. 

I became intrigued by homeopathy and began attending lectures and reading homeopathy books. I realised the harmful effects some drugs can have and with my own experience of the side effects, I knew I wanted to use homeopathy to heal myself.

This became more prevalent, when in my twenties, I had my first child. I knew I did not want chemicals and drugs given to him. I decided to train as a homeopath and signed up to the practical college of homeopathy, founded by the anarchic Robert Davidson (well worth a google). 

I graduated in 2007 and have been in practice ever since.

I enjoy treating children and families, vaccination support and prophylaxis, hormone problems, skin issues, digestive issues, allergies, fibro myalgia, M.E. and complex cases.

I hold talks and lectures and offer workshops in hormone wisdom, skin wisdom and first aid for the family.

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