Rob Burlinson

Rob trained for four years as a Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist with the Vibrational Healing Foundation in London.   This qualification includes a Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing, a Diploma in the Bach Flower Remedies as well as in depth personal development work.

Rob also studied Astrology over a twenty year period, including attending courses in Astroshamanism at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland with Franco Santoro, and gaining a Certificate in Astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies.   He created ‘AstroCrystal Therapy’, a method of exploring and helping to heal deeper issues in someones life by using the birth chart as a map.

He is also a fully qualified Integrative Counsellor and trained at the Mary Ward Centre in Russell Square.   He saw clients in both an agency setting and within a private practice for seven years.

He completed the ‘Healing Sounds Intensive Training‘ with Jonathan Goldman in Colorado and has attended many personal development and training courses at Findhorn, including Communicating with the Intelligences of Nature (with Dorothy Maclean), Life Purpose, Spiritual Practice and Shamanism (with Sandra Ingerman).

He is principal of the ‘Academy of Inner Resonance’ a school of subtle energy healing and inner development that runs a two-year part time Crystal and Energy healing Diploma course at the Holistic Centre.   He also offers workshops at the Centre on ‘An Introduction to Crystal Healing’ and ‘AstroCrystal Therapy’.

He is a member of the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine and the Sound Healers Association. (school and workshops)


Crystal and Energy Healing

AstroCrystal Therapy

Bach Flower Remedies