Pia Granjon Lecerf

Pia specialises in working with women and children for 25 years. She began as a social worker, then life coach and clinical hypnotherapist; this broad professional experience provides her with a strong integrative professional approach.
With a unique Post Graduate Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy training over 3 years at the University of West London, Pia has a strong scientific knowledge combined with a wide range of clinical approaches.
Among them areEye Mouvement, Desensitisation Reprocessing EMDR
Ego State therapy, Part therapy
Solution focused therapy
Third wave therapies based on mindfulness: ACT, REBT, DBT
Past life regression
Time Line therapy
Hypno – analytical  & Inner child approach
Cognitive & Behavioural Therapies

Additionally, Pia is an AnxietyUK approved therapist

She works with the following issues, with women and children:
Trauma: sexual, relationship, birth (recent and not)
Vicarious (secondary) trauma: for therapists, carers, social workers …
Anxiety – including Panic attacks : Public speaking, social, school, exams, work
Chronic stress
Sleep issues
Chronic and phantom pain

Pia organises workshops that combine Hypnosis and mindfulness for:
– therapists
– entrepreneurs
– around chronic stress and sleep managementhttps://wwwhypnotherapwomencom

To contact Pia Granjon Lecerf, call 01483 418103 or email us.