Mummas and Beans


I am Claire, a local Mum who discovered the joy of attending Mummas classes with my youngest baby. I am a Midwife by profession but knew instantly that one day I wanted to also train as a Mummas and Beans teacher! Now some years later I am excited that I will get to deliver classes in the local area and use the skills and knowledge gained as a Midwife coupled with all that I have learnt from my own personal and ever changing experiences of motherhood.

I believe the Mummas classes are so unique and the benefits many.. the power of touch in massage allowing for a beautiful bonding opportunity, the themes discussed in Newborn classes that help to reassure, the potential connections with other Mummas or the messy play in Sensory Mummas that brings out the giggles! It is important to me to facilitate all of this in a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment and I look forward to witnessing the progression from newborn to older active baby and new mothers gain confidence in their mothering intuition. I can’t wait for class to begin!”

To contact Mummas and Beans, call 01483 418103 or email us.