Libby Bowyer

Lactation Consultant

Holistic Gentle Sleep Coaching (children aged 0 – 5)

Developmental Baby Massage Teacher

Libby is a trained Registered Nurse, Midwife (now non-practicing) and Health Visitor. She has worked for many years supporting young families during the adjustment of welcoming a new baby into the family. She is a qualified Lactation Consultant and advises new parents on breastfeeding, bonding and attachment. As a qualified Holistic Sleep Coach (ONC level 5) she also supports parents in establishing good sleep patterns and helping them to manage any sleep problems which might arise with their children (aged 0 – 5years).
Please see my website for further information

  • One hour breastfeeding support appointment (clinic based) £75.00
  • One hour sleep consultation (clinic based) £75.00 – suitable for simple sleep issues and advice on how to establish good sleep hygiene – parents can take notes during the appointment, will receive an email summary of the advice given during the appointment and will receive one follow up support email.
    (please see my website for details of the sleep packages for more complex sleep problems)
  • Preparation for breastfeeding, introducing your baby to solid food, baby massage sessions can all provided individually or in a group setting (max 4 people). Please contact Libby for further details.

To contact Libby Bowyer, call 01483 418103 or email us.