Laurie Harvey

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist Ive studied and continue to study what makes people happy and unhappy.  Ive learned many ways that can help people stop doing, thinking and feeling things that have been making them unhappy.  I dont judge what you should or shouldnt be doing you tell me whats making you unhappy and how youd prefer to be and together well use the skills Ive learned to help you overcome whatever it is that you want to change.

So heres the thing no one is perfect. Were all good at some things and not so good at others. When clients come to see me theyre usually focusing on what theyre not good at but I know that they have the skills, qualities or abilities to get to where they want to be they just need a bit of help to find them and Im passionate about using the skills that Ive learned to help women on their journey to feel better about themselves.   

And because you dont know me yet, heres the list of the important certificates and qualifications so you know that Im properly qualified.

I am a fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and EFT Practitioner based at the Holistic Centre, Godalming, Surrey and 1 Harley Street, London.

I graduated from the prestigious Quest Institute having gained my Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy,  NLP Master Practitioners Certificate and Hypnotherapist Practitioner Diploma which is externally verified by the National Council of Hypnotherapy and accredited by the NCFE.

I am registered with the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) the UK regulator for Complementary Healthcare who provide a benchmark for standards and safety for the public.

To be registered with CNHC, I have undertaken to abide by their rigorous code of conduct, performance and ethics.

As part of my commitment to continued professional development I have been certified as a Confident Childbirth Practitioner which is a specialist qualification in hypnobirthing.

Ive a certificate in recognition of my skills as a Specialist Smoking Cessation Practitioner.

Im a member of UKCHO (UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations) who aim to promote the professional regulation of hypnotherapy in the UK to ensure that Hypnotherapists are safe and competent to practice.

To contact Laurie Harvey, call 01483 418103 or email us.