Kim Hale

Kim is a reiki master in the Usui tradition offering energy-based healing in the peace and quiet of the Surrey countryside. Kim is fully insured and offer a range of therapies including reiki; Aromatouch (with advice on using essential oils for health); Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); (EMO) and Touch For Health (based on kinesiology). Kim is trained primary school teacher with a diploma in Special Educational Needs and have worked with clients between the ages of 1 and 81. Kim is an animal lover and conservationist with a keen interest in environmental issues.

Kim believes that disease (DIS-EASE) is caused by blockages in the energy system and that our body has the ability to heal itself if it has the right support and if these blockages are removed. Kim is not a trained counsellor but I have been told that she is a good listener! Sometimes just talking a problem through with an impartial listener can start the healing process. We all share a common goal: to be happy, healthy and fulfilled in our lives. Why does this seem so hard to achieve?

In our modern world STRESS is a major cause of disease.

Poor diet, lack of exercise and inadequate sleep all compromise our health. We may experience a lack of self-worth and a feeling that we are unable to cope.

Too often we put ourselves at the bottom of our “to do” list and forget the importance of self-nurture.

Prevention is better than cure. Make a decision TODAY to take better care of yourself and treat yourself with love and respect.

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