Kathy Brown

Kathy is certified Zero Balancer, and a member of the Zero Balancing Association UK.

Kathy first qualified and worked as a physiotherapist. Her main interests were in outpatients, sports injuries and laser therapy. During her career as a Physio, Kathy became drawn to working with the whole person rather than individual pathologies, and to the relationship between structure and energy.

Kathy first experienced Zero Balancing as a client. The quality of the work she received and her experiences of sustained well being after the sessions led her to return to studying and qualifying as a Zero Balancer.

Kathy describes Zero Balancing as deeply relaxing. It eases your body and clams your mind. Using gentle finger pressures tension held in the bones and joints are released. It brings you back to yourself.

The effects of getting energy to flow properly, cleanly and clearly through the body can be profound.

Zero Balancing can help with body pain, stress reduction, relaxation, our ongoing personal process and reparative touch.