Jennifer Beck

DURING MATERNITY Gemma Ware will be covered by Miss Jennifer Beck (Every two weeks from 3rd September At Holistic  Centre  Godalming)

Working Tuesdays 2-6pm and appointments on request available

While qualifying as an osteopath, Jennifer has trained In sports massage and dry needling. She combines her toolbox of techniques to treat a wide range of muscle, joint and bone complaints with a solid structural approach you will gain relief from.
Jennifer enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle while running and walking her dogs are her main forms of exercise she appreciates and enjoys keeping fit.

While treating every patient as an individual, Jen prefers a range of techniques to help the body heal itself. She enjoys getting to know my patients to understand their lifestyle and factors which could impact their natural healing. Jen believes in supporting each patient to understand the mechanism of their injury and any potential barriers to their healing. The patient’s quality of life is an important end goal for every patient’s treatment plan. It has an effect on a patient’s healing process, therefore improving the injury will naturally enhance the patient’s quality of life.

Jennifer is fully registered osteopath with the General Osteopath Council alongside being a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.  Having already completed further skills in pregnancy and women’s health She is keen to further her knowledge


Gemma graduated from The British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in 2005. This is the largest and oldest school of osteopathy in the UK and is respected throughout the world for its high-quality, innovative methods of education.

Gemma’s approach to her treatment is mainly structural, using her many qualifications that allow her to treat a wide range of people with varying conditions. These include, when appropriate, sports massage, medical dry needling (a Western form of traditional Chinese acupuncture) and cranial osteopathy to name but a few.

Since she broke her own wrist snowboarding, Gemma understands the importance of aftercare treatment and has developed a strong personal interest in rehabilitation, especially following fractures, breaks and serious joint injuries where osteopathic treatment can help speed up recovery and allow the joint to regain full strength and mobility.

Gemma has a very holistic approach to her treatment and tends to include a lot of soft tissue techniques, sports massage and articulation to joints to minimise manipulation (joint popping and clicking). She has treated a wide range of patients from babies, children, pregnant women, athletes and the elderly.

In 2004 Gemma worked with fellow Osteopaths treating runners who completed the London Marathon. In addition to this she has been involved in treating both cricket & rugby players from professional level clubs.

Gemma is also the therapist manager for naked strength events where she treats runners and professional triathletes.

Gemma also holds a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (APNT) and has worked in many Health Spas in London and local sports teams while training as an osteopath. She also works with acupuncture/dry needling.