Feodor Kouznetsov

Feodor is a breathing innovator who wants to inspire a movement of breathers. 

He believes that breath is one of our most under explored self-healing practices. Most humans can survive several days without food and water but only a few minutes without breathing.

‘We are all breathing but how many of us are actually aware of our breath?’ – Feodor’s interest in using breathing techniques for healing purposes solidified after he suffered from a major burnout a few years ago. 

Panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, relentless internal monologue, physical pain – all of this was part of Feodor’s daily life. He worked as an Executive Assistant to an ultra-high-net-worth individual and his work schedule was so demanding that it resulted in a total breakdown and severe illness. This near-death experience led him to look for an alternative cure when the traditional medication was not working. 

Feodor drew inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Toltecs and Tibetan monks re-imagining their breathing and meditation techniques to adjust them to the lifestyle of a busy urbanist. Formula.life was born as a hybrid breathing technique and helped Feodor to take control of his mind and life, and he is determined to help others who are struggling to find the time and mental space for themselves in a modern hyper demanding world.

Feodor’s desire to share his discovery of such a simple and accessible tool for self-cure with other people has led him to create a mobile app for formula.life. It is available for free download on App Store, Google Play and Kai OS. Advanced features can be added via in-app purchases.

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To book your breathing session with Feodor contact him on 07880 808 808 (WhatsApp) or send him an email

For Buteyko Method, visit his website here or contact this email

Course description 


Do you feel that your mind is racing a mile a minute and you cannot stop it?

Do you have difficulties falling asleep?

Do you suffer from intermittent chronic pain and none of the traditional therapies help?

Do you have problems saying ‘No’ to people? Are you a “people-pleaser”? A nice guy? A good girl? 

Do you have trouble expressing your true feelings about people and situations?

Do you want to change?

I could go on and on because I know exactly how you feel. I have suffered from physical pain for years. I have lived with severe mental discomfort. Until one day I collapsed having been diagnosed with a number of illnesses and prescribed tons of medication. This was my moment of epiphany when I knew I had to find an alternative cure. 

‘Health It’s All About Consciousness’ – says Ivan Rados, an inspiring spiritual teacher. I agree and take this idea further – health is also about unconsciousness. Suppressed emotions from early childhood traumas cause pains and discomfort us throughout our adult lives.

Breathing techniques can help release these tensions. Often this is the only self-cure we can access when nothing else works. 

What can you expect from my breathing sessions?

You will learn to tame your monkey mind, stop the internal monologue and racing thoughts.

You will learn how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks.

You will stop worrying about everything and anything. In particular, you may lose your fear of flying.

You will overcome insomnia.

Through intense breath-work, you will release and clear subconscious blockages. 

You will learn ways to balance your energy centers.

You will learn visualization techniques to set intentions. 

You will get to know yourself as never before. You will become more aware of yourself and of the world around you. 

You will raise your self-esteem by learning to love and appreciate yourself. 

As the result of our work you will restore your energy levels. This will help your ability to focus, set your goals and achieve them.

As you advance in your practice you will also experience things which right now may sound like pure magic. 

All breathing courses which I offer require your active participation. Breathing is hard work. Just like going to the gym for the first time requires commitment, learning to breathe with awareness is going to be demanding.

It is also an exciting journey, especially if you keep yourself open-minded and receptive to new ideas.


Get in touch at [email protected] to book your 1-2-1 session with me.

I teach 1-2-1 sessions at The Holistic Centre. If you are interested but a bit shy I offer an online class. I recommend booking at least 7 sessions to feel and see the results.

Courses on offer

Formula.Life Basic

This type of a breathing class is suitable for beginners. During our sessions you will learn to become still in your mind and keep hyper focus on at least 3 different things simultaneously. This course will be beneficial to the people who are constantly multi-tasking, always on the go, and have little time for themselves. You may have tried other mind-calming or restorative practices before but never had time to follow up. This course is your quick fix. Price: £55/25 min session. Number of sessions recommended: at least 7.

Balancing of your Energy Centers (Advanced)

This course will ‘fuel’ your chakras (or cuevas) with active energy. Each session will work with one energy center at a time. Usually a session lasts up to 1,5 hours and breathing is very intense. It is a very powerful practice and after a session you will feel re-born.

This course will change your life as you will become mentally stronger and self-confident. You will change in ways you interact and present yourself to other people. This will ultimately result in healthier personal and work relationships and a happier YOU.

Please note, this course is NOT suitable for breathers with weakened cardiovascular system, epilepsy, glaucoma, unhealed scars/wounds; at the early stages of pregnancy; under alcohol or drug intoxication. DO NOT sign up for this course If you are taking antidepressants or psycho-stimulants.  There is a “mild” version of this course, with less intense breathing, please ask. 

Price: £120/session, session lasts 1h and 25 mins. Discounts given if you purchase the whole course of 8 sessions. 

Subconscious Blockages Release (Advanced)

This is a powerful session, it should be done at least once in a lifetime. This is done through intense breathing and the correct intent. Breathing comes as a powerful tool to go deep into your sub consciousness and attack the traumas of your earlier experiences.

Session duration is one and a half hour. 

Price: £120 /session.

Please note, this session is NOT suitable for breathers with weakened cardiovascular system, epilepsy, glaucoma, unhealed scars/wounds; at the early stages of pregnancy; under alcohol or drug intoxication. DO NOT sign up for this course If you are taking antidepressants or psycho-stimulants. Before attending your first breathing session, please seek medical advice from your GP. Feodor cannot be held responsible for side effects which intense breathing may cause to your body.

Get in touch at [email protected] to book your 1-2-1 session with me.