Emma Travers

My name is Emma and I am a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner. I am a fully qualified, accredited and registered member of the National Hypnotherapy Society.


We all face challenges in life. Having personally experienced many different therapies and healing methods, I found hypnotherapy gave me immediate and long-lasting transformation. I can work with you to challenge, overcome and transform your limiting beliefs making it possible to rapidly change your life for the better.


I approach my client work with a blend of clinical and spiritual practices. I combine spiritual tools such as tarot, crystals, oracle cards, and sound healing and weave this together with my understanding of neuroscience, psychology, and hypnotherapy to deliver meaningful change for my clients. 
Whilst some see tarot and oracle cards as a channel for predicting the future, I use them as a tool that allows us to connect with ourselves. Our future is always in our hands and the cards serve as a powerful gateway to the inner self and the unconscious mind. Dealing with each client individually, I gauge which approach will suit each situation.
Going through periods of personal growth such as divorce, bereavement, and career progression whilst raising my four children has given me a deep understanding into the challenges many of us face in life when approaching change. Before I was introduced to hypnotherapy I worked for a major long-haul commercial airline for 20 years. The workplace gave me the opportunity to meet many people from a variety of ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds who had a wide range of social norms and beliefs. This experience helped me have a greater understanding and compassion for people, deepening my empathy and non-judgmental approach which now underpins my clinical and spiritual practice.  
My own practice continues to expand with my ongoing learning through CPD (industry accredited professional development) and I actively seek out new therapies and approaches that will help my clients become the best version of themselves. 


I understand you may have questions about my therapies so I welcome you to contact me via any of my details below.

To contact Emma Travers, call 01483 418103 or email us.