Emily Ellwood

I discovered the amazing results possible from Health Kinesiology when searching for help for my eldest daughter, then four years old. She had been diagnosed with ‘Leaky gut’ aged 18 months and consequently developed over 40 food intolerances.

I was constantly in the kitchen and we could never eat out as a family. Every meal, every snack, required planning and supervision. I was desperate and exhausted. She was heading for school and aware that she was different. She had 6 sessions with a Health Kinesiology practitioner over a 10 week period and she can now eat anything any other healthy child can eat.

I started training immediately.

I now have the privilege of treating many people for a variety of reasons and the joy of watching their recovery and success.

Your body is perfect by design. Imagine how amazing you would feel if you were free of the blockages that prevent you from feeling well and achieving your full potential or goals.




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    When I first met Emily I had postnatal depression and was on anti-depressants. I was having anxiety attacks and felt ‘manic’ much of the time. I felt better from our first session, and although not always comfortable (I have cried many times), I know that whatever happens with Emily will heal me and make me better. I have been seeing Emily for nearly 2 years now and am off the anti-depressants. I am calmer and happier. She also treats my 2 young children who love seeing her!

    Hi Emily
    I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your treatment.
    I have been particularly impressed by the holistic nature of your sessions, by your highly intuitive approach and by your fun but professional manner.
    I now feel calm and re-balanced, quite an achievement given the level of physical pain and anxiety that I have been enduring.
    So thank you for sharing your incredibly powerful gift to heal.
    Diane, Surrey
    Emily is an intuitive and extremely gifted kinesiologist, brilliant at re-energising and re-balancing you to cope with the challenges of modern day life.
    “My daughter of 7 regularly suffered from bouts of stomach migraines. Three visits to Emily later and she has barely complained since; what an amazing difference!” Anneleen, London
    “Before I came to see Emily I was feeling really under the weather; I was very lethargic and had a constant sore throat which was so bad in the mornings that it hurt to speak and eat. Since seeing Emily I now have so much more energy, the sore throat has all but gone and my general feeling of well-being has increased dramatically. She is very friendly and made me feel really welcome and at home, and was very encouraging and sympathetic throughout the process.” Jessica, Surrey

    “Emily has been treating me for headaches and I am now headache free. She has a wonderful manner and very caring approach to all her patients and is one of those people who makes you feel better just to see her. Thank you Emily.” Caroline, Surrey

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