Denise Hadden


Light therapy, Field Therapy, Electrophotonic Readings, Visual Coaching

Denise trained as an optometrist in UK and then moved to Cape Town, South Africa where she specialized in holistic optometry. Her focus included developmental and syntonic optometry, vision therapy, light therapy and her pioneering method of analysing visual fields of awareness. 

Denise developed a Visual Coaching Model that she has integrated into her work with field analysis as an additional tool for transformation. She has presented her work at conferences and in workshops in UK, USA, Europe and SA, and has self-published two books on her work with light and awareness.

Denise’s focus is on using coloured light through the eyes with the Monocrom Dome, Photonwave and Spectral Receptivity System and …

She expanded the scope of her 40yrs of experience using holistic vision treatments to improve the entire range of learning difficulties, head injuries, emotional trauma, depression and the expansion of consciousness and personal potential. 

During the course of an appointment Denise will use a variety of therapies from Light therapy to Field Therapy, Electrophotonic Readings, to Visual Coaching and the expansion of Personal Potential.

In addition to seeing patients, Denise will be presenting workshops that teach the basics of how to use light for home and family as well as more in depth training on light and awareness as a therapeutic tool.

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