Carmen O’Connor

I first came across this type of ‘stuff’ around 1986 when I went along to see a therapist who specialised in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – she gave me some great tools to take away with me and that really ignited my curiosity regarding the mind and how we are as humans.

I chose to retrain myself and began my spiritual journey in earnest – yes still with intensity and not freedom!  I was searching for that magical something that would give me peace and connection on the inside so my life could then be perfect!  In 1999 I began my training in Reiki and became a certified Reiki Master Teacher having received traditional Mikao Usui teachings. I deeply love, honour, respect and value what this has given me, unearthed within me and enabled me to do, whilst also enabling me to assist others help themselves with it too.  Along the way I also trained in many different massage techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release and hot stone therapy.  I trained in NLP, Time Line Therapy and even Equine Reiki.  Working with horses gave me yet another perspective and beautiful insight into communication.  If we stop ourselves and listen in new ways we can open up our senses to so much more.

I ran my own practice providing on-site therapy services in the corporate environment, as well as working in private practice, plus I taught and facilitated Reiki workshops throughout Surrey.  This was an incredible part of my journey.  I became a sponge for information on how we humans are and how our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits carry us and connect. Again I met and had the privilege of working with remarkably unique people and I absolutely treasure that and those years too.

Then after those 10 years I found my bodymind (for these are inextricably linked) had become fatigued so I listened to it (finally!) and decided to take some time out for me and I’ve just spent 3 years doing that and working back in the corporate world.  It’s been “a whole nother learning curve” during which there have been awesome highs, some difficult lows and everything in between, but I now have access to a peace I could only dream of back in those early days.

It is a daily practice for me to sit with myself in peacefulness, a space of loving kindness, connection and presentness which I am learning about more and more each day, but I can now at least experience it and moments of exquisiteness in my perfectly imperfect life!


Keep shining brightly!

To contact Carmen O’Connor, call 01483 418103 or email us.