Zero Balancing

Ease your Body, Calm your Mind

Zero Balancing is a gentle yet deep form of bodywork that touches both the energy and the structure of the body.

Zero Balancing allows our own natural healing process to work more effectively, whilst actively supporting the relief of pain, stress and tension leaving you feeling restored and nourished with a deep sense of relaxation and well being, creating emotional and physical harmony.

Zero Balancing is based on the understanding that energy exists as a force within our body. As energy flows through or bodies, it does so in relationship with our body’s structure, in particular the bones and the skeleton. What sets Zero Balancing apart and makes it unique is that it focuses on the dynamic between energy and structure in your body. In so doing zero balancing enables the energy to flow cleanly and clearly through the body.

During a session you lie clothed on a couch. Your practitioner uses a series of gentle stretches and light finger pressures through your body. These stretches and pressure create points of stillness that create a positive release of tensions in your body and mind.

Leaving you feeling like Your body had a massage Your mind had a holiday And Your Heart is Smiling