Sound Healing

Sound Healing can be traced back to cultures that are thousands of years old, where gongs, drums and other instruments were used, together with the voice in the form of toning, chanting and mantras.

Everything is energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. The universe, planets, stars and cosmos. The trees, flowers, plants, rivers and oceans, all parts of Mother Earth; our mind, body, spirit & emotions. The aim of sound healing is to bring harmony, balance and health to all of these areas, so that every aspect is singing and vibrating in synch, all together in a healthy balanced flow. Sound healing works on the principle of entrainment, where a sound vibration is introduced and the waves of sound raise the frequency of a lower vibration, it synchronizes in resonance and then healing can take place and energy can flow again. The left and right side of the brain come into balance and deep meditative, relaxed states can be reached.