Rahanni is a complimentary therapy to help bring balance to the mind, body and soul.  

Rahanni, means “of one heart”, to remind us that we are all from one Divine energy source which connects us all and is our natural essence. 

This is a powerful energy healing modality that balances your whole being, clears and raises your energy vibration and gives you unconditional love, compassion, peace, harmony and support from the Angelic Realms.  It vibrates on a pink ray of light, balancing the heart centre bringing forth love and compassion to the recipient. 

Clients report feeling lighter, brighter and renewed after their treatments and more able to cope with life’s pressures. It has been known to ease conditions, remove depression and help in many difficult situations. Suitable for all, particularly children, including those with behavioural problems, autism or ADD.

Treatments are given lying down (or sitting), fully clothed, with hands on and off the client’s body, for between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on their needs.  Sessions are for an hour and include a consultation.

Some of the benefits of Rahanni:

  • Open, activate and balance the heart centre
  • Release emotional trauma, negative energy, anxiety and fears
  • Receive unconditional love and compassion
  • Brings balance to the 3 minds (conscious, subconscious and super conscious) 
  • Brings balance to the 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
  • Achieve inner peace and relaxation
  • Promotes well-being
  • Supports the body’s self healing processes 
  • It may bring easement of ailments
  • Brings feelings of joy, optimism and light-heartedness
  • Helps ADD, Autism and behaviour issues in children

Discover the benefits for yourself!