Breastfeeding Support

With Lactation Consultant   Libby Bowyer (IBCLC) 

If you are having difficulty either establishing or maintaining breastfeeding your baby this may be ideal for you, as many parents appreciate one to one support during this time.

Postnatal breastfeeding support appointments lasting one hour are available at the Holistic Centre with Libby Bowyer (IBCLC), Lactation Consultant. Libby has many years’ experience of supporting breastfeeding mothers (and partners) and offers individual appointments in the privacy of a clinic room.  During the appointment a full history of your current feeding situation can be discussed in a gentle, compassionate, non-judgemental way. An assessment of mother and baby, including observing latch and feed, takes place and then advice for adjustment and recommendation, together with a feeding plan are provided. This will be followed up by an email summary of the points discussed during the appointment.  

Cost of this session £75.00

Help can be given with:

Difficulty latching your baby

Sore or cracked nipples

Pain before, during or after feeds


Thrush (Candida)


Slow weight gain

Returning to work

Expressing and storing milk


Antenatal Breastfeeding Preparation Appointment

Good antenatal preparation has been shown to be invaluable in helping to establish breastfeeding your newborn baby. Get off to a good start by being well prepared! 

Book a one-hour appointment at your convenience sometime during weeks 32 to 37 of your pregnancy – partners welcome (and encouraged!)  Cost of this session £75.00

– Anatomy of the breast
– How breast milk is produced
– How breast feeding works
– Maternal nutrition
– Volumes of milk required by baby
– Benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby
– Getting off to a good start: skin to skin contact, demand feeding and recognition of feeding cues
– The importance of a good latch – positioning and attachment
– Feeding routines
– How to hand express breast milk
– Expressing and safe storage of milk
– Feeding equipment

This session may be delivered to small groups – gather your friends (max 4 people) cost for this group session is £25.00 per person, organizing person has a £10.00 discount.


Preparation for Weaning – Introducing Solid Food

This appointment is ideal when your baby is approximately 4 months old and you are starting to think ahead to what you might need to do. Appointments lasting 1 hour can be arranged at the Holistic Centre and you will have plenty of opportunity to discuss how and when to start the process of introducing solid food to your baby and any concerns you may have. 

The current recommendation (WHO, UNICEF) is that babies are exclusively breastfed until the age of 6 months. At this point they are ready to progress to mixed feeding of breast milk and the introduction of solid foods. This is an exciting time for parents as they see their baby progressing on to the next stage and experiencing new sensation. However, it can also be a time when parents will require further advice and information on the best way to make this transition. During this session we will cover information on diet type, equipment and also discuss Baby Led Weaning. Cost of this session £75.00

This can be arranged as an individual session or it can be delivered to small groups – gather your friends (max 4 people) cost for this group session is £25.00 per person, organizing person has a £10.00 discount.