Akashic Record + Past Life Readings

Akashic Record and Past Life Readings

The Akashic Records are where the information about all choices and karma throughout all of existence are recorded.  The name comes from an ancient Sanskrit word ‘Akasha’ meaning sky/space or ether.  Every person, property and location has an Akashic Record (also known as the ‘Book of Life’ or ‘Soul Records’). The Book of Life is mentioned in the Old and New Testament.  

Our choices – whether thoughts, words or actions – create an energetic vibration in time and space and the Akashic Records are where those energetic choices are stored. The Akashic Records are accessed through the fifth dimension, which is outside of linear time.  

Having an Akashic Record Reading is extremely beneficial because when energetic clearing is undertaken in a person or property’s Akashic Record, this energetically clears for the client in the “now”, as the Records (and therefore karma and consequences) are held outside of linear time.  In fact many client’s report some positive changes in their life as soon as they request a reading.

Your Akashic Record is accessed using your birth information.

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Here are some of the Akashic Record Readings to choose from: 

Life Situation Reading
Discover the root causes, from past and present life choices, as to why you are manifesting the current challenges in your life.  Receive energetic clearing through your Records, and understanding of the new action required, so that you can overcome these challenges and move forward to where you want to be.

Property Reading
Properties can retain the energy of the choices and events that occurred there, including from previous owners.  Negative energies and influences will be removed from your property that were affecting the occupants.  The vibration of the property will be energetically uplifted creating a more peaceful and harmonious environment.  This Reading can be undertaken for any personal property such as your home (whether rented or owned), holiday home, business premises or car.

Relationship Reading
Reveal past life connections with the significant people in your life (e.g. parent, child, partner, business partner, best friend), and any negative karma or soul level blocks that are affecting your relationship together.  Understand the dynamics of your relationship and what is unfolding. If you are not currently in an intimate relationship this reading can be used to discover and remove past life blocks that may be affecting your ability to have a relationship in this lifetime.

Soul Realignment Reading
Learn more about your Soul, including your Soul Group characteristics, gifts and talents.  Find out which past lives have created negative karmic patterns that have been affecting you now, reveal past and present life choices that are holding you back from expressing your Divine nature and energetically clear these negative blocks so you can realign to your Divine Soul Blueprint and fully step into your power to create the reality you desire.

Spirit Guide Reading
In this Reading you will discover how many personal Guides you have on your team, how they are helping you, how they let you know they are there and much more!  You will receive messages from them to help you on your path.  The information given in this Reading provides you with the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with your Spirit Guides and call upon their guidance going forward.

Also available are workshops to “Meet Your Spirit Guides” and connect with your birth Guide yourself.

Please Note. A Booking form will need to be completed on line before your appointment