Transform yourself with the Sound of the Gongs 

Every 1st Friday of the month 7.30-8.30pm


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with Spiritual Healer Okide Soul

Every 1st Friday of the month

7.30pm to 8.30pm

Gongs are amazing instruments. They generate powerful, intense healing vibrations which, interspersed with the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls, stimulate feelings of peace and relaxation. This allows the release of stress, pain, anxiety and enhances well-being.

The Sound of Gongs opens the gates of Love, so you can connect with all.
The things you create around yourself and realize just how great a power you have to create your own happiness and well-being.

Cost £15

Please bring mat, blanket and pillow or whatever you need to feel comfortable and water.

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early. Late-comers will not be allowed in once the event is underway.

To book your place, please call Okide Soul on 07935 651585 or go to