Seven Dwarves of menopause

12noon to 1pm


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The menopause, or peri-menopause, is natural and inevitable however for many women it can be burdened by the emotional and physical strain of our reproductive machinery winding down...

You may just not ‘feel like yourself’ and have lost your zest for life. Perhaps your relationships are going wrong and you're starting to feel like a hypochondriac constantly questioning your health. Not to mention all the weird and wonderful symptoms nobody warned you about.

You may start to wonder if you need a solicitor, a psychiatrist, a doctor or even a surgeon. “What is happening to my brain and my body?” Take a deep breath because you are not alone!

Nutritional therapy can empower women like you to be healthy, energetic, vibrant, feminine and dare I say even sexy! Physically and emotionally menopause is a time of reflection to embrace fun, love and connection with others. You may not know it yet but you’re about to live your best life.

Join Charlotte Hunter for a one hour talk and discover how nutritional therapy can help:

Identify underlying health issues and imbalances
Support memory, focus and motivation
Improve energy levels and vitality
Aid great sleep
Enhance healthy relationships
Manage stress
Help you to live with purpose, love and happiness