Motivational Monday Talk Series: Inspiring & Enlightening

Monday Evenings 7pm-9pm

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How Digestive Health Can Influence The Menopause 

With Nutritional Therapist Charlotte Hunter

Join Charlotte to understand how digestive health can influence the menopause and how you can support your gut for healthier hormonal rhythms!

Charlotte has been a nutrition professional for over 10 years gaining her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Medicine (BSc NMed) in 2010.
She now practices as a Nutritional Therapist from locations in Cranleigh, Guildford, Godalming and Horsham and is the founder of The Nourish & Flourish Club & Eating Programme and the Yummy Tummy Club kids’ nutrition programme.

Charlotte's mission is …to give people balance by enabling them to eat yummy food, and enjoy what they eat, whilst at the same time knowing they are giving their body what it really needs and maintaining a healthy lifestyle



9th March @The Holistic Centre


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Being Happy

With Cognitive Hypnotherapist Laurie Harvey

Join Laurie for an evening of tips and techniques to help you to be happier, worry less about what other people think and cultivate more resilience in the face of stress.

You’ll learn about the mindset of happy people and how you can use the same skills to develop your own inner strengths and abilities to make your choices and decisions from a powerful, positive, perspective so you can do more of the things that are important to you and be more of the person you want to be.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and an anxiety expert, she'll share some tools to build your capacity to see things from a more optimistic perspective so you can manage the ups and downs of life with more wisdom.


23rd March


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Longevity: Sharp Till The Last

With Osteopath Chris Grey

An evening to explore the science, received wisdom and common sense on longevity of the mind. Success not assured, no guarantees, no money back but the prize is beyond price.

Chris has been treating the nervous system for many years. He has tried to grapple with this hydra-headed subject so is hopeful he may have some nuggets to share.



20th April


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Systemic Far Infrared Light Therapy

With Mark From Get Fitt


Mark will share his 15 years plus experience of Far Infrared Light therapy and will discuss a number of cases studies illustrating the benefits of Far Infrared.

His team provide Far Infrared Light therapy training for leading Doctors, and healthcare professionals worldwide.





11th May


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Healing From Trauma

With David Haas From First Expression

Trauma arises not just from big events; it can also arise from events that to the outsider appear minor or non-existent. Trauma occurs when we don’t have the resilience to integrate – to move through an event in our lives.
Whether we are traumatised also depends on how resilient our nervous system is. We can be overwhelmed even within the womb. The effect of past trauma affects our health and our relationships at home, socially and at work.





18th May 


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