February 21st for 4 weeks, 1pm to3pm


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Tuesday afternoons for 4 weeks from 1-3pm

What we will consider during the 4 week course:-

· Intro to Mindfulness & Mediation
· What are thoughts and thinking?
· The bodymind connection
· Resting in awareness
This 4 week course will run weekly on Tuesday afternoons starting 21st February 2017, 1-3pm

At: The Holistic Centre, The Barn, Bridge St, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1HL. Cost is £90

So what might mindfulness do for you?

 Assist in reducing stress levels.
 Bring you into the present ie the ‘NOW’ instead of functioning in the past, the future or on auto-pilot.
 Enable you to stand back and get a better perspective.
 Help calm your thinking and scattered mind.

 It can help you to observe challenging situations from a more centred and peaceful place and so enable you to better ‘respond’.

 Encourage a more positive outlook and help reduce mood swings and irritability.
 Support you in managing emotions more easily – eg sadness, anxiousness or anger.
 Enable you to become even kinder and more compassionate to yourself and others.
 Invite more peace and wisdom into your life.

 Improve your happiness…and more!