Integrative Medicine Talks: Changing Perceptions

10.30am - 3.30pm


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Changing Perceptions

We have an amazing line up of speakers talking on an Integrative approach to healthcare and Cancer at G Live, Guildford on the 22nd September.

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Prof Dr Alexander Herzog

'Hyperthermia and Complementary Treatments in Cancer: Improving treatment results and outcomes?'

Prof Dr Herzog is a Medical Oncologist based near Frankfurt, Germany. For more than 20 years he has been the head physician of his own independent private hospital specialising in the treatment of cancer patients using integrative and holistic concepts. He combines conventional treatments with hyperthermia and complementary therapies.

Prof Dr Alexander Herzog is professor at the University of Sevilla in Spain and the University of Gießen where he lectures on oncology and complementary medicine. 


Dr Rober Pender PHD

'The benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy'

Dr. Robert Pender is a: Fellow Royal Society of Medicine Fellow Underwater Hyperbaric Medical Society Fellow American College of Hyperbaric. He runs a Hyperbaric Therapy Centre in London offering pioneering Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a simple, painless, non-invasive way of giving the body more oxygen than it is able to get from the air.


Dr Grant Hatch PHD

'Finding Meaning in Life: understanding terminal illness treatment options'

Dr Grant Hatch is a business leader, entrepreneur and farmer who worked extensively in Africa with Capgemini and Accenture and was until recently the Sub Saharan Africa Advisor to Ethos Private Equity. Whilst training for an ultra-marathon in June 2017, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer which has a rather dire prognosis. He subsequently resigned from all corporate work to focus on treatment options in more detail and to understand what is really important in life.  He describes himself now as an amateur oncologist, accidental evangelist and aspiring philosopher. Grant is married to Heather and has four sons.  They live in Cape Town, South Africa where he still makes award-wining wine in his spare time.


Kris Hallenga

'How to glitter a turd'

Founder CoppaFeel! aka Boob Chief

Having studied an HND in travel and tourism, Kris’s dreams of scaling the world looking for adventure started with a 6 month placement at a Travel company in Beijing. Learning a new language, culture, meeting new faces, experiencing new places, did not prepare her for what was to be a far bigger challenge - a secondary breast cancer diagnosis.

Cast straight into a blurry and unexpected chapter of her life, Kris was grounded and entered a frightening territory that she knew nothing about. She went from believing she was a normal heathy 23 year old, to facing a boobless and hairless existence. But why was it that she got cancer? and why had she been so naive? Was she the only one? No.

Kris started her crusade to ensure that this wasn’t to happen to any other young woman in Britain and just 2 months following her diagnosis; whilst she still underwent treatment, CoppaFeel! was born.

Kris lead this unique breast cancer awareness charity with the aim to reduce the incidence of late detection or misdiagnosed breast cancer. Now in its 9th year, Kris and CoppaFeel! have successfully reached out to thousands of women in the UK and are saving lives. She is now a part-time ambassador for the charity, so when she’s not with her team of 11 at Boob HQ in London, she is on the road making new awareness projects and campaign come to life, meeting with MPs, giving talks or writing her column for the Sun. She runs a charity that is responsible for some of the most daring and creative advertising campaigns in the UK, with an accolade of being shortlisted for Third Sector’s most admired charity CEO in Britain and presented with an honorary Doctorate from Notting Trent University for her services to women’s health in the UK. Some days she even finds time to have cancer treatments that keep her here!

After an incurable diagnosis, Kris is not cancer free – and never will be. But she’s keeping as well as she can. She pours her heart, soul and a truckload of kick–ass into making a success of CoppaFeel!, not only refusing to let cancer wreck her party, but refusing to let it ruin yours too.