Insomniac Gong Bath


First Friday of every month

If you have tried everything to fall asleep or stay asleep Insomniac Gong Bath is worth to go.

Insomniac Gong Bath is for people who have difficulty falling asleep or waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep.

This is gentle, shooting gong bath (sound will be similar to Night Puja sound) is perfect for people who are going through challenges in their life and need TCL - tender loving care. For those who are having an emotionally hard time and for their family too.

"Aside from being frustrating, according to the National Sleep Foundation, Chronic insomnia (difficulty sleeping for three months or longer) may also lead to changes in mood, lack of motivation and energy. Irritability and more. When you're drowsy, ti may make you feel tense and preoccupied, ante the worry over your inability to seep can add to this".

Gongs are amazing instruments and regular Insomniac Gong Baths Mediation can help you fight insomnia. Gongs generate powerful, intense healing vibrations stimulate feelings of peace and relaxation. This allows the release of stress, pain, anxiety and enhances well-being.

"The state the gongs put you in the theta, or lucid dream state. They are the only tool known to man that can take you from a wake state, which is beta, into theta, which is lucid dream state, in as little as one second. There is no other instrument that can do that".

The Sound of Gongs opens the gates of Love, so you can connect with all the things you create around yourself and realize just how great a power you have to create your own happiness.

Benefits of the Insomniac Healing Gong Bath:

- it reduces stress

- improves sleep quality

- reduces a person's perception of pain

- creates deep relaxation

- ease anxiety and depression

- emotional release

- swelling relieve

- creation of self-esteem

- re-balancing

- well-being

- aura cleansing

- body and cells rejuvenation

- connection with light and spirit

- gaining a deeper knowledge of yourself and your unlimited possibilities

- healing that which aches the soul

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