FREE Taster Session, Healthy Back Programme



Free taster class on Thursday 7th December at 12.30pm

Do you suffer with intermittent or chronic back pain?

Do you sit at home/work for long periods causing tension of the spine?

Does your back pain interfere with your daily life and/or cause you to take time off work?

Have you been told by a health professional to take appropriate exercise to manage your condition?

Do you think that gentle movement classes supervised by a trained professional may help to manage your condition?

Do you want to build strength, increase mobility and reduce the pain you currently suffer?

Do you want to take appropriate exercise with like-minded people in a gentle, fun and supportive setting?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then the
‘Healthy Back Programme’ six week course could be for you.
The cost of the whole course is £75.

Starting at the Holistic Centre, Godalming, January 2018, Thursdays 12.30pm

A weekly one hour class involving gentle movement, breathwork and relaxation methods to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the spine, release tension and mobilise the back.
Suitable for everyone, no experience necessary. Some homework is required.

To sign up contact Rachael Hill on 07554 427007 or email [email protected] or visit my website

Or contact The Holistic Centre, Godalming, Wiggins Yard, Bridge Street, Godalming on (01483) 418103