Conscious Connected Breathwork Workshop With Ariane: A Blissful Journey of Reconnection With Your Authentic Self

2pm to 5pm


You are invited to a very special journey into the self through a conscious breathing session that will allow you to release any stagnant emotional energy in the body and receive clear insights.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a self-healing modality that allows release of traumas as well as physical and emotional tension. When we experience fear, discomfort or pain, we automatically either stop breathing or greatly contract our breath which locks trauma into the system. During Conscious Connected Breathwork we are flooding the body with oxygen and allowing for any trapped emotions or traumas to rise to the surface, to complete expression or be cleared from our body, leaving us feeling more whole and integrated.

Through such session, we find our healing and inner strength at our own pace.  This work reveals our inner wisdom which then helps us to improve our quality of life.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is the tool that will teach you, empower you and help you to start living a happy, inspired, joyful and fully expressed life by giving you:

- Deep experiences of understanding

- Release and transmute of grief, sadness and pain

- Boosted self-esteem

- A discharge of trauma build up and emotional patterns

By being a part of this circle you will have an opportunity to start clearing your system by breaking man-made patterns which are unhelpful to your well-being. The release of these deep-rooted patterns that are preventing you from experiencing the most abundant, magical and inspired life will not only benefit you and your life, but also all those you come in contact with.

Healthy snacks and bliss balls will be served after the session to give you the time to ground and integrate before you depart.

When: Saturday 17th November – 2pm to 5pm

Venue: The Holistic Centre - The Barn, Wiggins Yard, Bridge Street,
Godalming GU7 1HW

Cost: £38 payable at time of booking.

What to bring: Comfy clothing, a yoga mat, one or two blankets (to make your own cozy nest), a small pillow/cushion, a bottle of water, an open mind.

Contact Ariane either by email ([email protected]) or Facebook @healtoshine, or phone (07850 671 475) to book and secure your space, or to ask for any additional information.

What participants of previous sessions have said:

“I have done a lot of ‘breath work’ in the past and really find it valuable for physical and mental health.
I have participated in Ariane’s sessions and wanted to share my experience.
Ariane is different in the sense that she provides an incredibly safe and supported space for people to experience what they want to feel. Not to say that other breath work practitioners don’t provide this but I find Ariane to be extremely knowledgable, highly experienced, kind, approachable and non judgemental. Everything you need in a holistic coach.
Thank you Ariane!" - Ati

"The breathing workshop with Ariane was an amazing eye opening experience. Ariane gave us a great insight into how this form of breathing can help us in various different ways and she guided us beautifully throughout the whole experience. I am now amazed even more at how the body is filled with a natural intelligence and that so much emotion can be stored there. I felt many different sensations around my body as things were clearly trying to come to the surface, and I managed to feel a real release of some trapped grief. The space was beautiful and so were the group. There was a real feeling of support and love among the group. Thank you Ariane for this wonderful experience and I’ll definitely be coming back to experience this very soon." - Sarah

“Ariane was very skilful and genuine in making it a safe space for emotions and individual experience. Each participant was validated and valued in their own journey in the session.I noticed this particularly in contrast to a workshop with another facilitator; the approach there was more focus on the technical aspects of the breathing and less on space for emotions and release.For me, Ariane’s assured and compassionate facilitation demonstrated ‘holding space’ so well that I came to understand the concept in a new way.Ariane is gifted at what she does, and brings a quality of compassion and sincerity that is above and beyond the technicalities.” - Hannah

About Ariane – Heal to Shine

Ariane started her personal journey with Breathwork four years ago, through Rebirthing and Transformational Breath, and as it changed her life on every possible level she decided to become a practitioner to be able to share this so powerful modality with as many people as possible. She chose to train with Alchemy of Breath, and integrates in her practice specific elements of each of these techniques, based on her personal experience and her studies. She is always described by her Clients as being compassionate, gentle, with a calm and professional approach, and warm healing energy. She holds a very safe space during her sessions and leads each participant step by step through this powerful and effective process. She is passionate about helping people regain joy and clarity in their life, and reach optimal physical and mental health, which she also does through her Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching Practice. She has extensive experience in running group and one-to-one sessions (UK, Bali, France) and she also runs retreats in France.