Colour Healing Workshop

July 27th 2pm to 5pm


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Come and learn how to use Colour light through the eyes to treat pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety & more

Saturday 27th July 2019 Workshop 2-5pm
Fees £60

Contact: [email protected] 07943357174

Denise Hadden is a pioneer in Light & Field Therapy, an optometrist, author and , . She is an international speaker known for her work on field awareness and how this integrates with light, vision, creativity, consciousness and the expansion of human potential. She has published two books, New Light on Fields and Coaching the Invisible Fields which are available at the workshops and directly from Denise. For private sessions please contact The Holistic Centre to book an appointment.

You may purchase a set of colour filter goggles which includes information on the methods of treatment. Called the Miracle Workers, because of their consistent success over many years in soothing emotions and healing trauma.