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  • Kinesiology

    When I first met Emily I had postnatal depression and was on anti-depressants. I was having anxiety attacks and felt ‘manic’ much of the time. I felt better from our first session, and although not always comfortable (I have cried many times), I know that whatever happens with Emily will heal me and make me better. I have been seeing Emily for nearly 2 years now and am off the anti-depressants. I am calmer and happier. She also treats my 2 young children who love seeing her!

    Hi Emily
    I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your treatment.
    I have been particularly impressed by the holistic nature of your sessions, by your highly intuitive approach and by your fun but professional manner.
    I now feel calm and re-balanced, quite an achievement given the level of physical pain and anxiety that I have been enduring.
    So thank you for sharing your incredibly powerful gift to heal.
    Diane, Surrey
    Emily is an intuitive and extremely gifted kinesiologist, brilliant at re-energising and re-balancing you to cope with the challenges of modern day life.
    “My daughter of 7 regularly suffered from bouts of stomach migraines. Three visits to Emily later and she has barely complained since; what an amazing difference!” Anneleen, London
    “Before I came to see Emily I was feeling really under the weather; I was very lethargic and had a constant sore throat which was so bad in the mornings that it hurt to speak and eat. Since seeing Emily I now have so much more energy, the sore throat has all but gone and my general feeling of well-being has increased dramatically. She is very friendly and made me feel really welcome and at home, and was very encouraging and sympathetic throughout the process.” Jessica, Surrey

    “Emily has been treating me for headaches and I am now headache free. She has a wonderful manner and very caring approach to all her patients and is one of those people who makes you feel better just to see her. Thank you Emily.” Caroline, Surrey

    Emily’s testimonials

    Practitioner: Emily Ellwood ~ Kinesiology

  • What a truly amazing restorative session. Gudrun gently relaxes your body using essential oils, her cool hands and gentle strokes before using the smovey rings – so relaxing. The sound of the rings at first was weird but the sensation from the vibration they cause was amazing –  all over too soon. I switched right off without realising it. I felt totally at peace within myself and remained that way all day and for several days after. Thoroughly recommend you to try this. 10/10. Thank you Gudrun. X

    Maria Wilson

    Practitioner: Gudrun Wiedemann ~ Deep Relaxation

  • Reflexology to induce labour was successful! Went into labour at 1.30 this morning. We are both doing well. Thank you for your help!

    M.D. Godalming

    Practitioner: Alison McDermott ~ Reflexology

  • I saw Alison for reflexology throughout my pregnancy and am certain that it contributed toward the smooth and enjoyable time I had. It was particularly beneficial for my digestion, aching hips, and even baby position. With Alisons help, both me and baby were well prepared for a successful home birth

    C.L. Cranleigh

    Practitioner: Alison McDermott ~ Reflexology

  • I first went to Alison suffering from big painful spots on my neck which I’d been told was a sign of a hormone imbalance, coupled with an irregular cycle of 6-7 weeks and after a year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive I decided to see if reflexology could help me conceive naturally without medical tests and procedures and powerful drugs. I saw Alison once a week for about 8 weeks and the change was overwhelming, by the end of the 8 weeks I felt amazing – so calm, relaxed and totally balanced with clear skin, which coincided with me falling pregnant after an apparently normal cycle of 4 weeks! I’ve continued to see Alison regularly throughout my pregnancy and have to say my pregnancy has been a dream – not a single symptom (well other than a few spots that came back in the first trimester) – no sickness, swelling or aches and pains, just a happy, healthy baby. Fingers crossed the birth goes as smoothly. Thanks Alison.

    J.U. Godalming

    Practitioner: Alison McDermott ~ Reflexology

  • There are not enough words to thank you for being with me….You had the perfect balance of respect and genuine care…


    Practitioner: Bridget McConnell ~ Counselling

  • Bridget is a gem of a therapist. She sees you as a true individual and helps you to find your balance in life…. I can highly recommend her to anyone who needs some help to untangle their lives into a straighter and calmer line. Bridget “get’s” people whatever their age

    Tone Tellefsen Hughes – Director of Luck’s Yard Clinic.

    Practitioner: Bridget McConnell ~ Counselling

  • Laura has a soft relaxing voice with a sense of humour! She works on one part of the body to everyone’s ability and finishes with relaxation. The classes are really enjoyable but are never long enough!


    Practitioner: Laura Lychnos ~ Yoga

  • Laura’s classes are perfect for complete beginners and also those with more experience. The atmosphere is very relaxed, warm, friendly and traditional. The physical and emotional afterglow, even after my first class, means Thursday night yoga is first thing in the diary each week. Loving it.


    Practitioner: Laura Lychnos ~ Yoga

  • Laura is a god send, my three month old daughter had terrible trouble sleeping for more than an hour at a time. I’d almost given up hope of getting a decent nights sleep, until a friend of mine recommended Cranial Osteopathy, and advised me to go and see Laura. My daughter having not slept much, fell asleep during treatment and slept continuously for a good 2 hours. That night she woke once, for a feed and it was the first good nights sleep me and my husband have had in three months.

    On Laura’s recommendation, we now take our daughter for treatment once every three months for maintenance and our daughter is now sleeping a good six to seven hours a night.

    Theresa, Reigate

    Practitioner: Laura Worsfold ~ Osteopathy

  • I saw Laura initially to see whether she could help with the terrible headaches that I had been suffering with for years. I had previously had tried other therapies, but without success.

    After a very thorough consultation, Laura started to work on my head and instantly I felt a build-up of pressure, however within twenty minutes the pressure had lifted and the headache had gone.

    Laura then placed her hands on my lower back and I instantly felt heat, which I went onto feel for a further 50 minutes after I left the practice. Laura, explained that the cause of my headaches and low back pain were due to my hips and pelvis being uneven, which had developed after giving birth to my daughter 18 months previously.

    I cannot thank Laura enough as I no longer suffer from headaches and the lower back pain which I thought I would always have, has improved dramatically.

    I would definitely recommend cranial osteopathy to anyone and also I felt extremely relaxed after the session, brilliant !

    Gill, Cranleigh

    Practitioner: Laura Worsfold ~ Osteopathy