YOGA by Kate Leonard

  • Wednesday 10.00

Practitioner: Kate Leonard, Yoga

An intelligent Yoga appropriately applied for the individual

I’ve been a Yoga Practitioner for over 15years and am both British Wheel of Yoga & TSYP Qualified.
I began practicing Sivananda & Ashtanga Yoga until discovering Krishnamacharya & Desikachar on my first BWY Foundation Course in 2009 – I have studied their teachings ever since . This tradition is often known as Viniyoga, an intelligent Yoga appropriately applied for the individual and is therefore used therapeutically. I teach for evolution with a strong connection between body, breath & mind. My classes aim to promote wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level.

The Practices follow the vinyasa krama method – where there is a special placement of steps. They will prepare and build towards a peak, whether a posture or a breathing practice, working with modifications if necessary and counter posing appropriately. The practices are suitable for each individual’s specific needs and goals. They are systematic, simple to follow and open to all levels of ability. There will be a progression within each class but also an evolution over the course. I will give you the tools to self practice at home and the learnt skills and effects will carry over into daily life

Each class is relaxed, friendly and taught with a highly individualised approach. The focus is on using breath and movement to release tension and reinstate harmony within. This combination of movement, breath and inner focus settles, re-connects and revitalizes the system as a whole.

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga” – Sri Krishnamacharya

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