Developmental Baby Massage Course With Libby Bowyer

  • Wednesday 26th June 2019 1:30pm
  • Wednesday 19th June 2019 1:30pm
  • Wednesday 12th June 2019 1:30pm
  • Wednesday 5th June 2019 1:30pm

Practitioner: Libby Bowyer, Developmental Baby Massage Course With Libby Bowyer

Come along to this 4 week course, which builds week by week, so that you learn how to do a full body massage for your baby

Baby Massage is wonderful for babies. Not only is it fun but it also a very beneficial aid to good sleep, relieving the pain of trapped wind, colic and constipation and an aid to relaxation. It is also beneficial for parents or grandparents to help them to emotionally bond with their baby.

We all use the power of touch to soothe. Mothers naturally commence this immediately after birth by gentle stroking of their babies skin.

Baby Massage is great for parents as it helps to strengthen the emotional bond with their new baby and it increases confidence when handling baby. It also increases positive interaction between parent and baby. This is great for everyone but especially so, if there is some degree of postnatal depression present.



During the 4 sessions, which build week on week, parents can learn techniques which will aid their baby’s development and help with such health conditions such as colic, sleeplessness and emotional stress. Baby massage also promotes the emotional bond betwen parent and child, enhancing the natural production of the hormone oxytocin.
The classes are most suitable for babies from the age of 9 – 10 weeks up to the when the baby starts crawling. Parents or carers will learn through both demonstration by the teacher using a demonstration doll and practice on your own baby, how to do a full body massage.

Each class begins with an informal chat about baby related topics.

Class sizes are limited to ten babies maximum. Places are limited, so book early to ensure your place.

Please note babies are unpredictable! So if your baby goes to sleep during the session, the demonstration will continue and you will be encouraged to practice at home what you have observed, ready for the next session.

Dates for the course are:

Wednesday 5th June
Wednesday 12th June
Wednesday 19th June
Wednesday 26th June

All sessions start at 1.30pm

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