Trust us, we’re nutritionists…

Trust us, we’re nutritionists…

A little while ago I saw an online nutritional therapist course advertised for £59 on Groupon.

Apparently “graduates of this course are eligible for discounted professional membership and pre-approved insurance to practice.” So, in theory they could be doing exactly what I do but without the experience, expertise and professionalism (oh and the degree!).

The same goes for nutritionists, wellness experts and dieticians who sell supplements to their clients: they may have completed a “product training session” with their chosen company but they don’t have the nutritional or scientific know how to recommend specific herbs and nutrients (or even WHY).

I’m afraid I also have to point the finger at ‘juicing experts’ and some personal trainers. While they may have a basic grounding in nutritional science they don’t have the in-depth knowledge of how to therapeutically apply nutrition or appreciate the contraindications of their advice.

A recent example is a client of mine, who is a Type 2 Diabetic and was ‘prescribed’ a juice detox. As I’m sure you can imagine she was rather ill so consulted me for help. (Just in case you didn’t know, fruit juice is really high in sugar – so NOT great for someone with diabetes.)

And so the point of the post is to warn you that, just like in any industry, just because someone says they can do something, doesn’t mean they can do it well (or safely).

To illustrate the point I’m going to explain why you should choose a properly qualified and experienced nutrition expert.

Rather than spending £59 on a weekend course, I completed a BSc degree in Nutritional Medicine at the University of West London in 2010 and I invested £1000s – yes thousands – in my education.

I continually invest time and money towards my professional development so I can stay at the top of my game using current techniques, protocols and research in my practice, which, of course, benefits my clients.

I’m a member of BANT (The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy), the NNA (Naturopathic Nutrition Association) and the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council). These bodies ensure exceptional professional conduct.

And like other properly qualified and experienced nutritionists, I’ve worked incredibly hard to build a well-respected and professional reputation.

So hopefully, if you do decide you want to see a nutritional therapist, then now you now what toil ok out for and to do your research. After all anyone can do a Groupon nutrition course but can they really help you?

Charlotte is a Nutritional Therapist offering consultations in Cranleigh, Guildford, Horsham and here at The Holistic Centre. Other therapists at the centre include: Carolyn Holmes, Rosie Tamkin and Jo Meynell.