Rob Burlinson looks at ways to keep yourself healthy – energetically

Rob Burlinson

The 3 essential energetic principles of staying healthy - Part 1

Do you ever get drained after being with others, find you have taken on ‘someone else’s stuff’, or feel out of balance and lacking in energy?  Perhaps you get ‘spaced out’, have trouble focussing in life, or find you easily slip into panic or confusion?

If so, there are three simple and straightforward energetic principles for looking after yourself that can help with all of the above and help keep you in balance and feeling well.

1 - Grounding

The first principle is ‘Grounding’, also called ‘Earthing’, and this is literally about being connected to the earth, on the ‘physical plane’ and in the present moment.   Many people can spend their whole lives with their ‘head in the clouds’ or living in their intellect, whilst unaware of their body.   Modern technologies encourage this ungrounded state, as we fill our days with computers, mobile phones and television with little connection to nature or the outside world.  Eventually our wellbeing can suffer as a result.


How to tell if you are not grounded

The following are just some of the symptoms that could indicate being ungrounded:

Being clumsy/accident prone

Having great ideas that never come to fruition


Having trouble getting your point of view across or making decisions

Being oversensitive to noise and light


Flickering eyelids

Feeling panicky or lost

Seeing dots of lights in the air around you.

Why earth yourself?

The more earthed you are the better your overall wellbeing - this makes sense because the earth supports us.

It helps you to feel more calm, stable and balanced with greater vitality.

You can’t manifest in life without having your ‘feet on the ground’. 

It’s easier to be in your own power and ‘stand up for yourself’.

Helps to protect you energetically when with others.   

Helps to avoid ‘burnout’.   

If you do any work which involves entering into an altered state of consciousness, such as healings, meditation, or working with crystals, earthing helps to keep you sane and balanced whilst doing this.

Things to do that keep you grounded

Connecting with nature

Physical Activity such as Yoga, walking, gardening

Tai Chi / Chi Gung


Food - healthy diet especially root vegetables

Wearing earthy colours - browns, blacks, dark greens, red, orange (not purple or electric blue which will unground)


Grounding using crystals

With crystals, it is the earthier coloured (black, brown, red, orange, dark yellow and dark green) ones or those with a metallic sheen which are used for grounding. 

To choose the correct grounding crystal just ask yourself mentally, whilst in front of a range of them,‘what could help me ground in my life right now?’.   See which one then stands out to you - perhaps one will look brighter or you will just know.   You could also pick a few up and see how each one feels.   The one you like most is the right one for you!

Some gentle grounding crystals:

Desert Rose, Red and Orange Calcite, Aragonite, Amber

Medium range grounders:

Jaspers, Carnelian, Bloodstone, Tigers Eye, Petrified Wood

Potent/heavy grounders:

Hematite, Tiger Iron, Obsidian

Please note that Black Tourmaline is a very heavy grounder and too dense for most people.

Once chosen, just mentally ask the crystal to help you ground.   You could then carry it in your pocket or wear it about your person.   You could also sit holding it, or place two of the same grounders beneath each foot and practice the visualisation at the end of this article.

Just as we are all made differently, we will also need different earthing crystals to one another; a crystal may feel ‘too much’ for one person yet feel too light for someone else.  We may discover we need a different earthing crystal ourselves after a time as we continue to change energetically.


Grounding using the Bach Flower Remedies

The remedy to help with earthing is Clematis.   

I recommend the brand ‘Healing Herbs’.   The bottle is in concentrate form so just put a couple of drops in a glass of mineral/filtered water and sip from it four times a day.

Alternatively, if you have one, fill an empty dropper bottle with a little brandy as a preservative, topped up with some mineral or filtered water, put a few drops from the concentrate in it, and take four drops four times a day.   

Grounding Visualisation

Find a quiet place to sit and imagine you have roots spreading out into the earth beneath you just like a tree.   These can be from the soles of your feet, and/or from the bottom of your spine.   What are your roots like?...are they thick or thin?   What colour are they have a they go straight down or spread out beneath you in the earth?   Is the soil around them nutritious or dry or waterlogged?

Don’t worry if you find your roots are spindly or not as you would like, the more you do this exercise the stronger they become.  You could also use grounding crystals whilst you do this.   If you experiment you will find holding some crystals make your roots feel stronger than others crystals.

Part 2 to follow

Rob is the principal of the ‘Academy of Inner Resonance’, a school of crystal and energy healing and inner development that runs a Diploma Course at the Holistic Centre.   He also offers Crystal Healing, Bach Flower Therapy and AstroCrystal Therapy.