Balinese Massage

Cindy King

Pregnancy is always a fuss when it comes to Spa treatments. Many Spas refuse to perform treatments particularly on the first trimester, not even to use the Spa's facilities. This may sound frustrating for expectant mums, however, many top end Spas are now offering treatments for mum-to-be after their first trimester, especially massage to ease of lower back tension. There is still restriction when it comes to the use of spa facilities.

Balinese Massage

Pregnancy massage is specifically designed to target the lower back, legs and foot, which are the areas that carry the most pressure during pregnancy. The movements are soft and gentle strokes to eliminate tension and very comforting.

The good time to have your pregnancy massage is in the mid of your 2nd trimester, when the bump starts showing and getting heavier throughout, although it's always best to consult your GP to ensure that it's safe to do so. The other great benefit of having a regular massage during pregnancy other than releasing the tensions is the massage oils or balm which is used during the massage can work well to moisten the skin around belly and hips, to prevent stretch marks!

Derived originally from India & China, Balinese Massage was developed by local people in Bali, Indonesia from many centuries to heal and ease muscle tensions, improve the blood circulation as well as ‘Qi’ (inner energy) flow. The combination of long strokes, deep tissue, skin rolling & flicking, and stretching, are performed and has been proven to release congestion energy which led to many disturbances in your body such as Migraine, aching muscles, back pain, and poor blood circulation.

Cindy’s spiritual journey started when she decided to join Mandara Spa Bali as Assistant Spa Operations Manager in year 2000. Bali has embossed & inspired her career & spiritual journey as she learnt & experienced one of the most powerful massage healings called Balinese Massage.

This article was written as part of the Holistic Centre spring newsletter ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth’. Continue reading:

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