Pregnancy and Beyond Using Crystals

Rob Burlinson

Healing with crystals during pregnancy, whilst potentially very beneficial, should be approached with care as the use of the wrong crystal energy could be problematic for the mother-to-be.   Also, another soul is coming through, who may be uncomfortable with the crystalline energies (unless the unborn child prompted the mother to have the healing!).

The safest crystals to hold and for healing whilst pregnant, or for new mother and child, are those with an extremely gentle, soothing, and reassuring energy such as the opaque Calcite family - Mangano Calcite, and the blue and green Calcites.   The colours of these crystals are all soft pastels.  This makes sense because the colours of the auric field of small babies and children are also of gentle pastels.   It’s only in adulthood that the colours of our energy field become much stronger.  This is why babies and small children are best dressed in, and ‘suit’ pastel hues, and why ideally their bedrooms should also be soft shades.   Anything too stimulating could cause disharmony energetically.    Amber or a gentle grounder like Desert Rose could also be appropriate crystals.  The Quartz family (including Rose Quartz and Amethyst) are too strong and intense.

I never place crystals directly on either mother-to-be or new mother and child, as this is highly invasive energetically, and instead only surround them briefly in the calming crystals whilst I channel energy.   Having said that, I once co-facilitated a workshop, wherein a pregnant participant wished to be encompassed in soothing Calcites.   Even this proved too much for the unborn baby, who began to move, and we ended up instead just channelling healing light!

AIR Crystal Diploma course 2016

This article was written as part of the Holistic Centre spring newsletter ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth’. Continue reading:

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