Kinesiology from Conception to Birth

Marcia Fletcher

As a kinesiologist, I use gentle muscle testing to work with pregnant clients from early conception through to the delivery of their baby.  More specifically the most common issues I encounter and find solutions for are:

Nutrition – Pregnancy multi vitamins are useful but can be expensive especially when only one or two of their ingredients are required.  I can identify nutritional deficiencies including iron, folic acid and vitamin B6.  Low levels of iron can leave many mums to be very tired in the early months and this can be fixed by supplementing with a good quality, easily absorbed iron.  Low levels of vitamin B6 can lead to morning sickness which can get quite severe and complaints of brain fog and memory loss can be addressed with a supplement of omega oils. This stops the baby robbing the mother of her omega oils which are in abundance in her brain.  Kinesiology can accurately find the correct supplement dose for each stage of pregnancy so that neither too many or too little supplements are consumed.

Digestion - Poor digestion and indigestion can arise and rather than reach for medications such as antacids, I show my clients alternatives.  Low stomach acid is the usual cause instead of the commonly believed high acid scenario and can be quickly remedied by the addition of simple things like lemon juice, cider vinegar or a supplement of digestive enzymes which helps the body utilise more efficiently the foods eaten.  Accurate doses are identified and introduced.

Emotions - Many mums to be can be fearful about the birthing process, their ability to be a good mothers and to cope once the baby arrives.  Here I use two very simple techniques to alleviate these fears and concerns and teach my clients to self-administer them if and when the need arises.

This article was written as part of the Holistic Centre spring newsletter ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth’. Continue reading:

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