Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing

Laurie Harvey

If you’re worried or nervous about your ability to cope with your pregnancy and childbirth, then you’re not alone, many women feel this way. However, by coming along to my Confident Childbirth sessions, it’s possible to transform these feelings to enable you to feel the benefits of a more relaxed pregnancy and to look forward to the birth of your baby with confidence.

Confident Childbirth

Many women tell me that as soon as other people know that they’re pregnant, they’re regaled with scare stories about childbirth.  If you’ve heard tales of painful, complicated, labours, seen women screaming in agony on TV or had a traumatic experience during a previous childbirth, the chances are you’ve been affected and feel nervous and anxious about how your impending childbirth might be.

Fear can prevent us from allowing our bodies to give birth the way they’re naturally designed to, which is calmly and confidently.

Whenever we’re worried or anxious our body releases stress hormones which cause our muscles to tense. If we feel nervous and anxious during pregnancy, evidence shows that those hormones cross the placenta and may affect the unborn baby.  If we’re anxious during childbirth it causes our muscles to tense, including the muscles of the uterus which makes childbirth a longer and more painful experience. By learning how to let go of stressful thoughts and worries and control your physical responses you can remain calm, relaxed and able to trust your body which means the whole experience can be shorter, calmer and easier.

I can show you how to use gentle techniques to keep your muscles relaxed so that your body can deliver your baby more easily, more quickly and significantly reducing any pain or discomfort. Less pain or discomfort reduces the need for pain relief which lowers potential risks for both mother and baby. Research shows that using hypnosis means that there’s reduced risk of Caesarean section, ventouse or forceps delivery, postnatal depression and a higher Apgar score for your baby.

Research has also shown hypnosis to be extremely useful in relieving morning sickness, backache, itchiness and helps sleep during pregnancy.

Many mothers report that their babies are more calm and feed and sleep better and can use the tools they’ve learned to help with more relaxed breastfeeding.

Private sessions that are tailor-made for every individual mum-to-be, give us the privacy and flexibility to focus on any specific fears, worries or anxiety you may have including any fears from any previous traumatic childbirth experiences.  Personalised mp3 /CD recordings increase potency.

Confident Childbirth is fully respectful of your choices to have your baby “your way” whether it’s at hospital or at home, a vaginal birth or planned c-section, with full medical pain relief or a preference not to.  Even if labour isn’t straightforward, you can still confidently achieve the most positive childbirth experience for you and your baby.

This article was written as part of the Holistic Centre spring newsletter ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth’. Continue reading:

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