Newsletter: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Bridget McConnell

Hello, it is with great pleasure that I bring you our first centre newsletter. My name is Bridget McConnell and I am a counsellor and psychotherapist at the Holistic Centre in Godalming. In keeping with the theme of first editions and new beginnings, our first newsletter covers the subject of pregnancy and childbirth.

Having a baby is a momentous time in the lives of new mothers and fathers, or similarly those bringing siblings into growing families. There is a plethora of mind boggling information to consider regarding both your own and baby’s health, not to mention the excitement and apprehension about the changes and challenges ahead. Becoming a parent is a rite of passage filled with hope, joy and apprehension. It is a time when we are preparing to greet our unborn child - the new life we have created - and welcoming them lovingly into the world.  These exciting times may be coupled with some anxiety – will everything be ok with the birth, can we be good enough parents (a phrase coined by psychotherapist Donald Winnicot), will we find it hard to give up the freedoms of we have grown used to or willingly accept the responsibilities of new parenthood?

To help you navigate some of these issues, and nurture yourself and your baby, this edition includes articles about fertility assistance through abdominal massage, mindful birth and parenting, healthy eating during pregnancy, hypno-birthing and counselling for post-natal depression (PND). In addition, our therapists have given you the low-down on treatments to nurture you and ease your progress through pregnancy, such as massage, crystal healing and kinesiology. The articles are sequenced as a step-by step guide through the pregnancy and birth experience, starting with conception and finishing with childbirth and help for PND.

In addition to articles each edition will have regular features: yoga and Pilates exercises to compliment each quarterly theme (“Love” in July and “Loss and Bereavement” in the autumn).

For this edition our pregnancy yoga and Pilates teachers have offered self-help exercises that can support and maintain strength and mobility as your body changes to accommodate your growing baby. Look out for the delicious bada bing energy balls recipe to help keep energy levels up during labour. In addition, I have reviewed the book Birthing from Within. This is a fantastic birthing guide that helps women to awaken the powerful, innate potential of their birthing body through creative mediums, such as stories, art and ceremony.

I hope you enjoy weaving your way through these interesting, varied, and informative pieces of writing. Please do circulate amongst your friends, family or any interested parties. We at The Holistic Centre wish you well, and hope you find great great fulfillment in your parenting journey.

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