Meditation, Relaxation and Yoga all wrapped into one………Restorative Yoga

Laura Lychnos

If you are looking for a class which is a combination of meditation, relaxation and yoga, Restorative Yoga is your answer.


What is Restorative Yoga ?
It is a soothing balm for body and soul, a form of yogic medicine, relaxing and regenerating the body and the mind. Props (including bolsters, blankets, eye pillows, straps and blocks) are used to help us to explore deep relaxation and stillness with no strain on the physical body. The physical body receives a passive but deep stretch to release physical tension and to realign the body. This stillness provides a calming hug for the over stimulated mind. The postures are held comfortably for extended periods of time, to allow for maximum benefit.
 These are combined with pranayama ( breathing techniques), relaxation and meditation techniques to still, calm and comfort the mind.


Why practice Restorative Yoga ?
A restorative class can enhance a regular yoga practice by teaching the body optimal alignment in a supported way, this learnt alignment then translates into your regular practice. Mindfulness and proper breathing can be practiced a little more deeply in a restorative class this too will enhance a regular practice. Restorative classes are excellent for anyone recovering from illness or injury. Or emotional difficulties, trauma, anxiety, depression as it allows the mind time and space to process emotions. Restorative classes are a useful support for other sports to relieve tired muscles and passively stretch, improving flexibility safely, without risk of injury leading to improved function in other sports. A restorative practice encourages mindfulness, develops patience and focus. Offering a respite from the turbulence of life. Opening a doorway to a deeper understanding of your body. And teaches us the art of deep relaxation.



Our new class offering Restorative Yoga starts on the 3rd November and runs on a Tuesday morning from 9.30am - 11am. Please contact Laura on 07719817000 or email [email protected] to book a place on this class.