Increase your energy levels and overall well-being with smovey Movement!

Gudrun Wiedermann


Most people have never heard of smovey, which is an Austrian invention and it has taken the German speaking countries by storm. There are currently over 2700 smovey coaches and smovey is just being launched in the USA/Canada.

I will share with you a little about smovey, my personal experience and what it represents to me.

smovey is a set of handheld rings that is made out of a tube with internal ridges. Inside this tube run 4 steel balls. When smovey is in motion, it creates a VIBRATION that is natural to a healthy body. The motion is created either by moving with smovey whilst swinging them alongside the body (active -  smovey Movement), or it can be rocked on the body (passive, smovey Deep Relaxation or passive mobilisation)

This frequency transfers onto the hand reflex zones or onto the body and ripples through the entire body – it feels good, and is both - relaxing & energizing  and it gives a completely new experience of the body yet free of any associations.

Whilst visiting Germany, I was invited to take part in a smovey Movement session.
Within minutes of using smovey, it was like a light bulb went on... I could see and feel that smovey goes well beyond exercise and fitness – I see the vibrational aspect of smovey as a new dimension to fitness as well as an important enrichment to existing therapy approaches.

It felt like my body remembered something so intrinsic to my being - it felt so good, and at the end of the session, I could feel aliveness in every cell of my body, I could feel the energy in my body after the session had finished.. I felt it the next day...

Albert Einstein’s quote captures this well.
“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way.

This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

How I look at smovey vibration is that it reminds my body/mind of its optimum function. To feel the frequency of my body in contrast to the frequency of smovey vibration (which is that of a healthy body), it is like a mirror...  the body gets a felt sense of the vibrational difference, of how it could be. This recognition - awareness - is key towards change.

From here the implications are far reaching... it doesn’t matter if you would like to feel more energized, relaxed, just enjoy this feel good factor of the smovey vibrations, which I would describe as ‘the amplified joy of movement’ or if you have certain physical challenges and you would like to focus on, such as balance, mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, core stability, endurance, strength or simply take your exercise to a new dimension.

The beauty of smovey is that one can exercise at ANY LEVEL... from elderly people sitting on a chair, people recovering from illness...  all the way to...   top athletes embracing training with smovey.

smovey was specifically developed to help Parkinson patients...the fact that Parkinson patients report improvement of their condition strongly suggests that smovey affects the mid brain...  patients with many other chronic health issues have reported improvement of their condition when they started using smovey.
Therapists, who have been working with smovey for some time, talk about the body being able to utilize the vibrational energy of smovey for internal processes. I have been saying walking with smovey feels like ‘having my batteries charged’ – sounds very similar to me. 🙂
One way of looking at inflammation, which is closely associated with chronic dis-ease, is that the body tries to bring movement of energy to the area through inflammation... To me the basic idea, that when the body’s energy level increases, the body will function better, makes a lot of sense.

After experiencing smovey for the first time, I was struck by the simplicity and profoundness of this approach..
On reflection, for me the most profound impact of using smovey is the noticeable difference of my energy levels. Through the energizing effect of the vibration I can reach a different physiological state (some people call it runners high) that I was not able to reach before through exercise... and it has such a positive impact on my overall well being.
It is well known that this state is associated with release of endorphins, which are hugely beneficial to our psychological well being, especially feeling good and a more positive outlook on life. ... Feeling this good makes me want to walk with my smovey, which is a positive reinforcing cycle - Quite different from wanting to eat another piece of chocolate.

My focus was not to reach a goal of doing a certain exercise amazingly well or a set number of repetitions... (which can obviously be one aspect one may wish to focus on) so to allow myself to be present to this new experience of my body through the vibration, to experience my body anew and more consciously, which has helped me deepen embodyment. It has helped me to be more aware of my body as my container, a common issue for people who have experienced trauma.

The best of it all is that smovey is fun, energetic, light hearted and as it feels so good, it just happens... There is no effort involved.
... and this is how smovey got its name - it stands for  swing move enjoy.

... after a time of personal challenge smovey was my way back into a more active life style...

After my first movement session, I got in touch with the coach, found out more, bought my own smovey from her... At this time I also found out about smovey Deep Relaxation... and booked a session for a few days later... I was blown away... As a Stress Management Practitioner, I have explored relaxation from various angles over many years, so this was something else... a simple, yet profound invitation to drop deeply into my body...
Little did I know that I was to return 4 weeks later to train as a smovey coach (and become the 1st smovey coach in to the UK)

Deep Relaxation sessions are wonderful, all you have to do is show up, lay back and surrender to the invitation of the ‘Symphony of Vibration’ a composition of carefully chosen aromatherapy oils, gentle touch, especially composed neuro-music to balance the brain halves and yes, the smovey vibrations. In Deep Relaxation session, people usually drop into a alpha brain state, which is synonymous with regeneration and healing.

smovey Movement - using smovey is simple, there are a few guidelines to be aware of. The most important one is – to always listen to your body, to be self responsible.
It can be a simple smovey walk, with a few stops to incorporate some of the exercises... or it could be focused on exercises to target certain aspects such as balance, mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, core stability, endurance, strength, fitness.

You can use smovey as a power break – 10 minutes of exercises will clear your mind and change your physiological state...


After your first session, you will know, if this is for you, and how this could fit into your life.

Deep Relaxation sessions are available at the Holistic Centre in Godalming. A schedule for smovey Movement walks with exercises included will be announced shortly.

The only way to know if this is for you, is to give it a try. Be open to something new and have a mini adventure. 🙂

The vision is to empower people to do something that has a significant impact on their health and well-being.
To bring both coaching courses to the UK in 2016, for those who have professional interest. If you background is in fitness, please do not hesitate to get in touch, smovey is rocking the fitness world.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, to book your session or to purchase your smovey.

Gudrun has trained and worked as a Nurse, NLP & Stress Management Master