Getting rid of your fear of spiders….

Marcia Fletcher


Hazel suffered all her life with a fear of spiders and knew every nook and cranny where they lived in her house and garden.  She was terrified of them and seeing one would send her into a panic.  She came to Marcia for help as this phobia was restricting her and her family’s enjoyment of life.

In one session, Marcia uncovered the root cause behind the phobia and using EFT was able to release her body from the fear of spiders.  It all started when Hazel was a toddler.  Her father moved jobs frequently meaning that the family had to move house which Hazel didn’t understand.  In her distress, she witnessed furniture being moved and the spiders that lived behind it.   She transferred her stress on to the spiders and from then on the spider became the symbol of things she was not in control of and didn’t understand.  They also frightened her with their quick movement, their unpredictability and their look.

After one session with EFT, we released the fear and Hazel understood the reason why she had the phobia.   We pulled the phobia apart to understand what was really driving it and cleared it.

imagesWhen we think about a fear or a phobia we all know its not rational and we even say “I feel silly feeling this way” but we can’t help it.  What most of us are not aware of is the deep root that drives it.  EFT can successfully reveal the root and bring about relief.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) first emerged in America in the 1990s and has since been developed into a very powerful therapy.  This therapy uses gentle tapping of key Chinese meridian points on the face, hands and torso.  It has been used successfully to treat victims of trauma including service men and women returning from war zones.  In the early 2000s it appeared on TV’s Richard and Judy programme and is fast gaining acceptance as an alternative treatment to conventional approaches.  It can be used to enhance sport performance and tackle limiting beliefs.  UK and USA Clinical trials have proved its efficacy.

  • It is a simple, fast, drug-free, safe and painless treatment;
  • It will remove your fear or phobia;
  • Works well for fear of spiders, rodents, flying etc
  • Its effects are lasting;
  • It provides relief at a very deep level;
  • It will allow you to get on with your life.

Marcia is a qualified practitioner with over 10 years experience clearing all types of fears, phobias and limiting beliefs.  For more information on how Emotional Freedom Technique can help contact;

Marcia Fletcher, KFRP

EFT Practitioner and Kinesiologist