Deep Relaxation at a whole new level….

Gudrun Weidemann

smovey Deep Relaxation - what makes it so special.

Smovey Deep Relaxation also known as ‘Symphony of Vibrations’ has been created by drawing on the most powerful approaches to easily drop into alpha state deep relaxation.


What vibrations are utilised in the ‘Symphony of vibrations’?

Gentle conscious touch and the power of aromatherapy oils are commonly used in relaxation.
Neuro music ... is a new scientific field that uses the power of healing sound frequencies. Neuro Music Therapy is one of the latest modalities that utilises “the therapeutic application of music to cognitive, sensory, and motor dysfunctions” With this background knowledge, the Neuro music utilised in smovey sessions was specifically composed to maximise relaxation (alpha state) & the positive effect on the brains neuron network.

Smovey vibrations... first, what is smovey?

smovey is a set of handheld rings made out of a tube with internal ridges. Inside this tube run 4 steel balls. When smovey is in motion, it creates a vibration which corresponds with the natural vibration of healthy cells... and it FEELS GOOD. In ‘Symphony of Vibrations’ the smovey rings are rocked on the body, where the frequency transfers onto the body and from there ripples through the entire body. This energy is relaxing as well as energizing and this vibration is a form of passive mobilisation, activating lymph and blood circulation, enhancing the removal of waste products and the oxygenation & nourishment of tissue. This vibrational energy can be utilised by the body as energy for internal processes, supplying energy the body can use for regeneration. 

The invitation is to nurture yourself, to take some time out, to feel you body anew, to completely stop doing and to just drop into your body and simply be - deeply relaxed.


This is one of the easiest ways for people to drop into a brain alpha state, which is synonymous with the state where our body regenerates and heals.

... what clients say:

“What a truly amazing restorative session. Oh my goodness. Relaxing made easy with the smovey ring. Gudrun gently relaxes your body using essential oils, her cool hands and gentle strokes before using the smovey rings that takes you to whole new level. At first it was weird. The sound of the rings and the sensations from the vibration, but it was over all too soon. I switched right off without realising it. I felt totally at peace within myself and remained that way all day and for several days after. Thoroughly recommend you to try this. The smovey ring certainly reaches parts other approaches don't reach. 10/10. Thank you Gudrun. X” Maria Wilson

"A very special and unique experience which was enhanced by the various aroma-therapy oils which Gudrun used. The use of the smovey on my back induced an extremely relaxed state of being. The overall treatment left me feeling very peaceful and also energised. I enjoyed every minute of the experience.”
Jane Thomas

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