Could Reflexology lead to an easier labour?

Alison McDermott

Putting time aside for regular reflexology treatments during your pregnancy enables you to nurture yourself and your baby developing inside you, it may even result in an easier labour.

A research study carried out in 1992 showed that a group of first time mums who received 10 reflexology treatments leading up to the birth of their babies had an average labour time of 5-6 hours. The textbook average should be 16-24 hours, so you can see what an amazing difference reflexology made! It was also noted that the group needed far less pain relief during labour too.

Alison McDermott has been specialising in maternity reflexology for over ten years. The treatment has many fabulous benefits and it can help to alleviate some of the common discomforts during all stages of pregnancy.

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Some feedback from recent clients:

‘Just wanted to say thank you for my treatment yesterday, hips OK and heartburn OK, best nights sleep I have had in weeks!’
NA, Godalming

‘Thanks for the session, very good indeed’
LB, Godalming

‘My wife gave birth at 3.50pm. Thanks so much for your help, it certainly made a difference to how she was able to cope in the final hours of labour!’
ML, Cranleigh

‘I saw Alison for reflexology throughout my pregnancy and am certain that it contributed toward the smooth and enjoyable time I had. It was particularly beneficial for my digestion, aching hips, and even baby position. With Alisons help, both me and baby were well prepared for a successful home birth.’
CL, Cranleigh

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