Boost Your Breakfast

Breakfast is quite the event in our house. Everyone (including my husband and two young sons) starts the day with a cooked meal. And no I am NOT Superwoman. So it puzzles me when people moan about breakfast. Excuses (or moans) include not having time to feeling bored with having the same thing every day.

You can eat a huge variety of delicious foods at breakfast; it doesn’t have to be same dull foods day in, day out. So here are my top tips for a healthy and easy breakfast every day!

Chuck the carbs

For most people breakfast is all about the carbs from toast and cereal to porridge and fruit. You might enjoy this early morning sugar hit but it really isn’t the best fuel for your body. It doesn’t matter if you spend the day staring at a computer screen or you’re chasing small children around, your body and brain deserve better. You’ll be left feeling tired, hungry and most definitely won’t be top of your game in the concentration stakes!

Protein is power!

If you really want to get the most out of your breakfast then protein is essential. It helps regulate your appetite, reduce unhealthy snacking, maintain a healthy weight, balance energy and put a spring in your step!

Here are some delicious protein-rich breakfast options to get you started:

Two poached eggs with smoked salmon and half an avocado
Two egg omelette with two vegetables of your choice
Smoked trout or salmon with rocket, spinach and avocado
Grain-free muesli
Grain-free porridge
Poached egg, smoked salmon and spinach
Roasted vegetables with a fried egg
Ham and spinach omelette
Full English (without the fried bread, toast and beans!)
Gluten-free sausages with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and rocket
Bacon with mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado and spinach
Boiled eggs with asparagus, courgette and carrot soldiers
Coconut flour pancakes with berries and macadamia cream
Vegetable smoothie with a serving of protein e.g. meat, fish or hard boiled egg
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

When I discuss breakfast options with my clients, many worry they just won’t have enough time. The secret is all in the planning! For example: get prepared the night before, plan what you’ll be having each day and if you need to eat on the run cut some corners by taking hard boiled eggs, ready cooked bacon and half an avocado with you.

It CAN be done and your body will thank you in the long run! There are no excuses when it comes to a healthy breakfast; it really is the MOST important meal of the day.